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Michigan Pole Barn Prices-All Prices Include: Labor,Material And Concrete- 12in eve overhangs,1-service door, 1-16ft overhead door,steel roof, steel siding, all taxes and delivery/   Does not include sand or building permit fees as these vary due to your area and site location.  Contact us for other sizes or options,we build any size or design anywhere in Michigan!

24x24x10 $11,549.00 30x40x12 $18,499.00 32x48x12 $21,774.00 40x100x16 $51,000.00 we also build custom gambrels

we build custom pole barns,any style or design! we do it all start to finish including site preperation! give us a call


24x32x10 $14,719.00 30x60x10 $24,249.00 40x60x12 $29,999.00 40x60x12 gambrel $51,500.00 WE DO THEM RITE !  WE LEAVE THE COMPETITION ON THE GROUND !
24x40x10 $15,749.00 30x60x12 $24,249.00 40x60x14 $31,499.00 30x40x12 gambrel $29,600.00 Licensed and Insured!
30x40x10 $17,699.00 32x48x10 $20,974.00 40x80x14 $40,999.00 Also providing roofing and remodeling !